The people of Slater Matsil have a lot in common with our clients. We're innovative and driven, with a passion for protecting the groundbreaking ideas that fuel global progress and prosperity. We also find it rewarding to collaborate with skilled colleagues whose talents and unique perspectives have the potential to make our organization even greater. 


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Imagine sharing a workplace with brilliant engineers and internationally recognized lawyers in a collegial work environment. That is my life, five days a week.
Srini Chakravarthi, 博士
Attorney at Law
  • Joined Slater Matsil: 2007
  • Personal Patents: 25
  • Enjoys: Kayaking
I have grown professionally working in this successful firm of top-notch attorneys, patent agents and technical advisors with approachable, supportive leaders.
Elizabeth D. Iglesias
Attorney at Law
  • Joined Slater Matsil: 2015
  • Enjoys: Scuba Diving
We place a high value on what we do and that includes customer service. There is a sense here that everyone wants to do the best they can for our clients.
Benjamin E. Nise
Attorney at Law
  • Joined Slater Matsil: 2006
  • Personal Patents: 6
  • Enjoys: Playing the Piano
This is the place clients come to when they want to try new things, to beta test things. And that leads to very exciting projects to work on.
Steven H. Slater
Attorney at Law
  • Joined Slater Matsil: 1999
  • Enjoys: Yoga and Travel
Slater Matsil has a client-focused team environment where talented people help each other every day to create the best possible work product for our clients.
Brian A. Carlson
Attorney at Law
  • Joined Slater Matsil: 2000
  • Enjoys: Ultimate Frisbee
Slater Matsil is unique in that we have the opportunity to do challenging work with great people, and it is a growing firm that has managed to keep a “small-firm” feel.
John D. Koetter
Attorney at Law
  • Joined Slater Matsil: 2011
  • Enjoys: Cycling
Variety is the spice of life, and at Slater Matsil, there is no shortage of flavor. Every day I get to explore the myriad ways to obtain, protect, and enforce IP rights for my clients.
Natalie D. Swider
Attorney at Law
  • Joined Slater Matsil: 2007
  • Enjoys: Family Time and Reading
Ruojian Zhang
  • Joined Slater Matsil: 2004