Fluent in technology.
Proven in law.

Slater Matsil is a collaboration of technology-minded individuals who practice intellectual property law. We understand that IP rights are, first and foremost, working assets that must support and advance our clients' business objectives. We maintain this client-centric perspective, whether we are discussing technology with inventors in the design room, developing IP strategies with management in the board room, or advocating for our clients' rights in the courtroom.

At Slater Matsil, we know what is required to invent something groundbreaking — and we know what it takes to guard and defend your company’s intellectual capital.

We’re engineers focused on making things work. We’re attorneys driven to defend innovation. Above all, we’re proven professionals who draw upon our firsthand experience spanning diverse industries to deliver quality, accuracy, and a meticulous level of detail in our work product.

Our experience in advancing thousands of patents to issuance guides us when evaluating patents for licensing negotiations and litigation strategies. Likewise, having navigated license programs and litigations where over one billion dollars have been at stake cumulatively, we have developed keen insights into prosecution strategies that make for effective patents. As a boutique practice, we bring a laser focus, but one that illuminates comprehensively the entire spectrum of intellectual property law.

Our firm is globally connected. Internationally respected. And we take pride in delivering insightful IP counsel to support the innovations that differentiate you in your market.

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From Fortune 100 firms to high-tech start-ups, Slater Matsil represents clients whose ideas are shaping our world

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