Our Client Base Spans Industries and Continents

As a stellar boutique in a constellation of mega law firms, Slater Matsil understands the unique challenges facing smaller companies and emerging ventures seeking to compete in a constantly changing and sometimes hostile business environment.  

These clients require a different type of care than companies who are better versed in IP law or who have a substantial in-house IP team. Over the years, Slater Matsil has worked with many small entities to realize their goals. We work with the founders, business leaders, board members, and CTOs to understand their business objectives and develop an overarching IP strategy and policy that maximizes the usefulness and value of their IP. Consequently, we are able to provide all the services of an in-house IP department, as needed, to clients at every stage. Amongst other things, we have assisted our clients on a vast array of matters including post grant proceedings at the U.S. Patent Office, licensing, litigation, freedom to operate studies, importation of protected IP, IP agreements, and trademark matters.  In serving as their IP department, we implement the vision of the stakeholders of the company to successfully manage, defend and monetize the company’s IP. 

We understand that funding is the lifeline that sustains nascent technologies and companies. Slater Matsil is well-versed in the metrics that venture capital firms and other funding sources look to when considering investment decisions and evaluating performance. We can assist in tailoring IP strategies to these criteria when appropriate. “Strategic partners” is more than just a buzz phrase at Slater Matsil. We are open to a wide range of alternative fee structures, including success-sharing arrangements, when circumstances permit.